EDIFICAM consists of a competent team of 100 persons, composed of the managing director, technical architects, engineers, administrators, interior designers, project managers, representatives for occupational safety and qualified employees on the site. Therefore we are perfectly equipped to develop professional any project with the help of our greatest asset, our employees. Our company promotes the motivation of every worker to take initiative and to assume responsibility on the construction site. The team receives continuous training to ensure that it is kept informed of the latest developments in all areas of our services. We believe in what we do, and that guarantees satisfactory results.



Francisco made his first experiences in the world of real estate as a real estate agent in a very renowned German real estate agency. Already in the year 2005 he founded the construction company Edificam Illes S.L.

Francisco Pfitsch Fuster




Telva is the coordinator of all management tasks. She is creative and coordinates perfectly all sectors of the company and the people who compose it. She has a very friendly nature, manages her tasks with discipline and enthusiasm, productive and very organized.

Telva Rodríguez

Manager of staff and administration


Together with the managing director, Antonio exercises the internal control of the company. He also helps with the implementation and improvement of the operational procedures.

Antonio Gabaldón



Juana Mari is the accountant of the company. Invoicing, payments, accounting entries and everything related to accounting belong to her strong points as well as being a very disciplined, organized and responsible person.

Juana María Ruiz

Head of accounting



Maite Gómez

Management Assistant



Oliwia Zielinska

Administration and HR department



Adriana Pirv

Administration and HR department



David is the technical director of Edificam and is responsible to understand the ideas of our clients properly and put them into reality. He also ensures that the technical department as well as the construction sites work perfectly.

David Ávila

Technical leadership


Connected to the technical department of the company, Luisa manages the purchasing department budgets and cost estimates.

Luisa Mira

Purchasing manager


Sabina is our bright and young technical architect. Working at the company since some years ago adding freshness and enthusiasm. She use to involve during all the work process from the previous project until the delivery.

Sabina Rodríguez

Technical arquitect



Sergio Revelles

Technical arquitect



Gema is responsible for the logistics part of the company and is the link between the different departments, achieving a perfect operation and coordination between them.

Gema Arbós




Andrzej Robert Szostak

Crane operator




Rubén Pardo





Nikolay Ivanov




Andrzej is the site foreman. Meeting him was for me the reason to found a construction company, based on his loyalty and dedication. He works very hard, is a great friend and a great person


Andrzej Dudek

Site foreman


Zbigniew is the site foreman since founding Edificam, he is very responsible and hard-working, always looking out for the interests of the company with enthusiasm.

 Zibigniew Zielinski

Site foreman


David is the site manager, a great orchestra leader and perfectionist on the details. He has become someone beloved and appreciated for everybody due to his dedication and passion about his job.

David Trilla

Site foreman



Georgi Ivanov

Site foreman


Giorgio is the site manager. Responsible and he takes very seriously his work. It´s always a pleasure working with him because the communication is direct and fluent getting the best results.

Georgi Emilov

Site foreman



Daniel Trujillo

Site foreman



Rui Fernandes

Site foreman


Rafael is the site manager whose experience and trajectory in construction is, without any doubt, the best value for us. Perfectionist, coordinates with great skill the different works to be done.

Rafael Santos

Site foreman



Fidel Castro

Site foreman

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