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Mallorca construction company.
Our greatest reward is our team.

EDIFICAM consists of a competent team of 100 persons, composed of the managing director, technical architects, engineers, administrators, interior designers, project managers, representatives for occupational safety and qualified employees on the site. Therefore we are perfectly equipped to develop professional any project with the help of our greatest asset, our employees.

Our company promotes the motivation of every worker to take initiative and to assume responsibility on the construction site. The team receives continuous training to ensure that it is kept informed of the latest developments in all areas of our services.

We believe in what we do, and that guarantees satisfactory results.


Franciscp Pfitscg, CEO

Francisco Pfitsch Fuster


Francisco made his first experiences in the world of real estate as a real estate agent in a very renowned German real estate agency. Already in the year 2005 he founded the construction company Edificam Illes S.L.


Antonio Gabaldón, Controller

Antonio Gabaldón

Juana María, Contable.

Juana María Ruiz

Head of accounting
Maite Gómez, secretary

Maite Gómez

Management Assistant


Alejandra Cañellas, personal assistant.

Alejandra Cañellas Pfitsch

Management Assistant


Oliwia Zielinska, administrativa

Oliwia Zielinska

Administration and HR department


Technical management

David Ávila, técnico

David Ávila

Technical leadership


Luisa Maria, responsible for purchases

Luisa Mira

Purchasing manager


Sabina Rodriguez, arquitecto

Sabina Rodríquez

Technical arquitect
Conchita Pfitsch, Interior designer & Construction manager

Marc Jover Fortuny

Technical arquitect

Aida Serra, architects

Aida Serra

Technical arquitect
Guillremo Gonzalez, architects

Guillermo Gonzalez Garrido

Technical arquitect
Victoria Pujol, architects

Victoria Pujol Llobera

Technical arquitect
Conchita Pfitsch, Interior designer & Construction manager

Marcos Martínez Molina

Industrial Engineer 

Conchita Pfitsch, Interior designer & Construction manager

Conchita Pfitsch

Interior designer & Construction manager


Gemma Arbós, Logística

Gemma Arbós



Andrzej Robert, Gruista

Andrzej Robert Szostak

Crane operator

Nikolay Ivanov


Francisco López Juan

Warehouse Manager


Zibigniew Zielinski

Site foreman

David Trilla

Site foreman

Daniel Trujillo

Site foreman

Georgi Emilov

Site foreman

rui Fernandez

Site foreman

Giorgio Ivanov

Site foreman

Fidel Castro

Site foreman


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