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Multi-family dwellings that create homes.

One of the differentiating values that distinguishes our team of technicians is their dedication to work every detail from a meticulous point of view: that of our customers. We become the eyes of the future residents of the multi-family homes we design, taking care of every detail.

We are passionate about construction and our reason for being focuses on building homes playing with the creativity to do it. Our multi-family housing projects seek the functionality and versatility of their uses. Many of our clients opt for this type of construction as a holiday home. That’s why we understand that functionality and liberated spaces should prevail in the initial design of these buildings.

Spacious and light apartments.

The best qualities, the passion for construction and the desire to create living spaces… In our construction company in Majorca we focus our efforts on creating homes that can be lived in many ways and, for this, light and the feeling of spaciousness are variables of great importance.


Bonanova project

Margaluz project

Cas Català I Building

Cas Català II Building


Apartment Santa Catalina

Apartment refurbishment in Santa Catalina


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