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Geothermal energy is undoubtedly the most efficient “renewable” energy. It is obtained from the heat emitted by the solid surface of the earth and, by definition, is usable no matter where you are on the planet. Homes equipped with this energy capture system are capable of producing hot water, cooling the house in summer and heating it in winter, for example.

Did you know that every kilometer towards the center of the Earth implies a temperature increase of 30°C? This fact helps us to understand the enormous potential of the underground as an inexhaustible source of energy in the form of heat that can be converted into electricity.

The heat of the Earth, the energy of your home

Many houses are already being built under the premise of reducing energy consumption as much as possible. The interesting thing is to do this without losing an atom of comfort: sustainable homes for users who are environmentally conscious and concerned about maintaining a dynamic and comfortable lifestyle.

As specialists in sustainable projects, we at Edificam are able to provide our buildings with geothermal heat pumps. This system takes advantage of the constant temperature of the subsoil throughout the year, turning homes into environmentally friendly homes.

At Edificam we are committed to renewable energies such as geothermal

The creation of 100% energy buildings requires an absolute knowledge of the world of alternative energies and their future projection. Recognizing ourselves as a construction company committed to sustainability has led us to specialize in the implementation of innovative systems for the ecological use of geothermal energy.

We see the construction sector as an opportunity to demonstrate that a better future of sustainable housing that blends in and respects its environment is possible.


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