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On the occasion of our 15th anniversary, we celebrate together, as a team, a corporate future full of emotions, hard work and successes. We would like to take advantage of this temporary milestone to thank all our customers to the trust they have placed in us.

It has been a pleasure to be an active part of each of the projects that have occupied our agendas during these last 15 years.

The concept of sustainability as part of the journey

Without a doubt, if there are values that define the work of the members of Edificam, they are their environmental awareness, and their concern for innovation and the planet.

Our line of work always responds to objectives related to quality and sustainability. With each project, we provide our knowledge about the different possibilities offered by alternative energies such as solar, photovoltaic or geothermal.

We apply that same concern to our work scenarios. We have completely eliminated the use of plastic in our works, installed osmosis fonts in each of them and digitalized all those processes that
required printing on paper. Our commitment to sustainability is firm.

The people who make up Edificam are our greatest value

If our experience as professionals in the construction sector has taught anything, it is that the well-being of the people who make up a company and their continuous training are a guarantee of. Under these premises we decided to fight to become one of the most relevant construction companies in Mallorca and, today, we can say that we have achieved our goal.

Our team, which is already a family, pushes together in the same direction. If there is one thing, we all have in common, it is our ideal of establishing fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients. To accompany them in each phase of the construction project and to advise them on aspects such as energy efficiency, these are two of the factors that differentiate us from other companies also dedicated to construction.

Thank you to all of you, employees and customers, for allowing us to get this far.


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