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After more than fourteen years of building illusions, we thought the time had come to compile our most relevant projects into a catalogue that showed our journey and our desire to continue creating personal and transformable spaces.

This portfolio is a tribute to all those who have made it possible for us to dedicate ourselves to what was once a dream and is now a reality: to build buildings that speak for themselves. We are very happy to share with you the first Edificam Catalogue. Stay and look.

What will you find in our Catalogue?

Through this portfolio you can get to know us better. We present some of our most relevant projects so that friends and other professionals can witness a professional career of which we are very proud.

On the pages of the Edificam catalogue we present the final result of some of our company’s most impressive buildings. We hope that the reader will enjoy as much as we do in realizing what were once ideas and were later integrated into efficient constructions and the environment.

Concepts that help us create life

Our commitment to sustainability is one of the guiding principles of our daily work. Respect for materials, textures and shapes allows us to design buildings and homes that are 100% adapted to the environments in which they are situated.

Another value that distinguishes us as a company is our desire to incorporate the new techniques and technologies of architecture and construction to our discipline and ways of working. We express how innovation and environmental protection can work together.

Now we only have to invite you to the pages of our catalog, hoping that you enjoy as much as we did with the final result of our constructions.

You can see it here, Edificam catalogue


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